Bitcoin. For Business. 

A Revolution In Global Commerce – and Beyond!

By harnessing the awesome power of the BTCPay Server open-source platform, ANY business can benefit! ANYWHERE in the world, no matter how small or large!

Start accepting payments from customers anywhere in the world securely, cost-effectively and with maximum privacy.

Best of all with NO third parties, intermediaries or any payment processors whatsoever.

Lower costs while taking better control of your money!

Attention Ecom Store Owners:
Keep 2-5% Or More Profit Per Sale!

– AND Get More Sales By Accepting Bitcoin!

We provide a complete solution for any e-com store running on WooCommerce, Magento, Drupal, PrestaShop and yes… even Shopify!

We set up everything for you and provide all the tools and training needed – NO technical knowledge, NO guesswork!

AND as part of our service, we’ll make sure that the passionate and rapidly-growing Bitcoin community knows about your ecom store!

Attention Offline Agents and Brick&Mortar Online Pros…

Help Your Clients Onboard To Bitcoin!

Along with the powerful tools provided by BTCPay, we’ve developed a complete system that includes full training, materials, and essential tools. Help businesses start accepting Bitcoin easily, painlessly, and with virtually any budget.

You’ll help get your SMB clients on Bitcoin with no special or technical knowledge necessary, while building new revenue streams and VAR fees for your agency!

(Coming Soon!)

Send and Receive Money Instantly - For Pennies!

By leveraging Bitcoin’s super-efficient payment system and its exciting new 2nd-layer technology – Lightning Network, business owners can save anywhere from 3 – 10% on processing fees, foreign exchange commissions and other costs.

No Floats, Reserves Or Chargebacks. Ever.

Since there’s no bank, payment processor or other intermediary involved, payments can’t be frozen, reversed or held for any reason. No more worrying about fraud, chargebacks, reversals or any other risks associated with cards or Paypal!

Prepare For The Future - Now!

By getting your business on the Bitcoin wave now, you gain an edge over the competition.¬† Become a “pioneer” of accepting Bitcoin at the retail level is easy. Gain a whole new level of visibility in the global marketplace, while nurturing an exciting crop of new loyal customers!

A Growing Global Partnership

The BTCPay Project Is Gaining More and More Support Worldwide!

An ever-increasing number of wallet, app, and plugin developers are joining the open-source effort. There is also a rapidly-increasing number of integration options with popular platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento, Drupal, and Shopify.

That can only mean more consumer and business-friendly solutions becoming available  in the future and a whole lot more.

Become part of the digital commerce revolution now!

We support the BTCPay Foundation

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